how to wire a light ballast Ge Ballast, 277v Wiring Diagram, Auto Electrical Wiring Diagram 8 Top How To Wire A Light Ballast Galleries

8 Top How To Wire A Light Ballast Galleries

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Top How To Wire A Light Ballast Galleries - This become thrilling, but it did now not imply a way to remedy my problem. I am installing one fluorescent light, out of 8 in our kitchen. The whole lot went great until the time got here to attach the mild to the a/c. Not one of the wires coming from the other lighting fixtures matched up. The mild i used to be installing had red, black and green attachments. The wiring tying this light into the chain had brown, blue and green wiring.

One give up of the mild might also have a wire joining the 2 sockets collectively. This twine is commonly yellow. All of the wires in this quit will need to be joined collectively. This immediately start ballast doesn't want to heat the filaments inside the tubes so only one ballast twine (the crimson one in this ballast) will need to be connected to all of these wires.

Pricey technically minded experts, there is a problem and i'm looking for solution. Maybe you may help me. :) Description of situation: few days in the past the digital ballast for 15w fluorescent t8 lamp has been burned out. I checked that 2 resistors had been damaged. Viable reason – during assembling of the unit the solder has got interior and after years has made the short circuit. I'm now not very certified electrician and therefore i'm looking for help – what specific kind of resistors i have to get to replace. There are not any marks stayed on broken ones. I have different 15w fluorescent t8 lamp with the same running ballast, however, alas, they're not identical. There are attached pictures of damaged scheme and of similar, appropriate one, perhaps it help you. My brilliant necessity is to get recognise – what precise type of resistors i must take to update. Being thankful, watching for response, very, very actually, viesis2000. Right here is the right-hand side of the lamps in which i have the purple and blue (bundles of 4 every) related in two separate companies. ?on this picture, the two yellow aren't related to the single yellow on the left hand side:.