how to wire a z wave light switch Now, on, GE ZWave switch, I have more than just 3 options. Ground, Line, Load, Neutral, Traveler: 14 New How To Wire, Wave Light Switch Collections

14 New How To Wire, Wave Light Switch Collections

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Now, On, GE ZWave Switch, I Have More Than Just 3 Options. Ground, Line, Load, Neutral, Traveler: - If this is what you've got, then for the road enter at the switches, connect to the black from the 2 cord. For the load output at the switches join the black or crimson from the 3 wire. The impartial terminal on the switches receives linked to the white inside the field. In this configuration, they’ll all be wire nutted collectively.

I've a second element to this i want to submit approximately my existing ge switches which might be working somewhere else in the house, but annoyingly i'm able to only submit one picture according to post at a time nevertheless, so i'm able to reply again.

Once more, i have switched out switches for probable… 10 switches at some point of the residence and feature now not seen a unmarried white. Handiest ever bare, and blacks, and the zwave ones were working exceptional as proven above for all besides this office fan. (To be truthful, none of the alternative switches are linked to fans, handiest sets of recessed can lights).

As you can see, the higher green/floor terminal has nothing going to it… and my bare goes into the impartial slot - so i clearly did simply connect it as i would a “normal switch”… and it somehow works? And has been running for months now?.

From the link above, i presume that what’s in reality coming from the fan is one set of wires as the load (red=light, black=fan), then i have 2 black wires from the source, and finally 2 naked floor wires. You are also accurate that the naked cord is the floor and have to best be linked to a floor terminal at the switch. As you referred to, the floor ought to now not be related as a neutral, as that is inaccurate and doubtlessly risky. Pass back and connect the ones other switches. The reason the ones incorrectly wired switches paintings, i suppose, is because in the provider panel the neutral and floor bars are bonded collectively (or can be used at the same time), successfully making the ground paintings as a impartial. In so doing, however, you have lost all the protection measures provided by way of the ground.