masterstat thermostat wiring diagram wiring, Controlling 110v swamp cooler using Nest thermostat 16 Professional Masterstat Thermostat Wiring Diagram Ideas

16 Professional Masterstat Thermostat Wiring Diagram Ideas

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Masterstat Thermostat Wiring Diagram - I would not observe that advice through mr. Solar due to safety and it is overkill. You do not need the potential to power both high and low speeds at the equal time plus the 3pdt relay is not required for some thing, hold the dpdt. The standard method is to apply a spdt contact to alternate speeds so that voltage is handiest implemented to both the low or the high but never each. So the right manner is to have the dpdt relay (y1 first stage cooling) switch on pump and the time postpone relay which controls strength through the not unusual leg of a 2d spdt relay. This 2d spdt relay is energized by way of the y2 for excessive pace. Essentially what i am pronouncing is that the authentic poster had the control common sense precisely accurate (besides for r8222b1067 coil desires c) on his diagram and that it follows general control methods and that i respectfully propose to now not observe the advice given later with the aid of mr. Solar. Nest has intelligence and doesn't care if you terminate r or rc since it automatically will soar these two connectors. Your trouble is transformers. I suggest changing the rc840t-a hundred and twenty with a 2nd r822b1067. The transformer energy will be furnished with the aid of your existing furnace transformer already related. You didn't show your heating wiring so i don't know if you had to use the c terminal currently or not. Normally you do not need the commonplace twine terminated on the nest. Wire everything such as you firstly show besides the r822b1067 coil is going to c now not r.

The swamp cooler has a 2-velocity motor, consequently i would like the nest thermostat to control each speeds the usage of y1 and y2 terminals. As a ways as i understand 2 level thermostats will observe energy from the r terminal to the y2 if extra cooling strength is required at the equal time strength is implemented from r terminal to y1. I additionally want the water pump to work everytime the thermostat calls for cooling (for both speeds), but i want the water pump to run by myself for a few minutes before the motor is began.