robus thermostat wiring diagram Frost Stat Wiring Diagram, 8 Perfect Robus Thermostat Wiring Diagram Photos

8 Perfect Robus Thermostat Wiring Diagram Photos

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Robus Thermostat Wiring Diagram - The manner i do mine is to apply two relays/contactors to isolate each the input and theoutput to the variac whilst not in use this additionally stops a again feed (of complete mains voltage) being implemented to the output of the variac.

How you would use this rasta is to replace among speed managed str putting and full power, you'll buy a relay £6 from maplins and you would use the thermostat which might transfer the relay between full electricity/str putting.

The stat switches between the 2 contactors, whilst complete mains is needed the variac contactor turns off which isolates each the enter and the output to the variac, it is able to be executed with one contactor but its surely a better version with two.

What you want is two feeds one from the str one from the mains and the relay/transfer switches between the 2 whilst the thermostat is on the relay is switches the mains directly to the fan while the thermostat is off it switches str energy back to the fan.

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Tutu matey - can you increase on the relay facet of it? Is it due to the fact the str load is simply too incredible to run instantly via the robus so needs a heavier transfer? Dunno which relay i would need for two x inline fans at the cooling circuit plus 2 x heater tubes on the heating circuit. Maybe want 2 x relays, one for each circuit?. Partially it relies upon on what contact terminals are available at the str. It seems a lot just like the systemair five velocity control box i exploit, and that one comes with 2 separate inputs - one for 'continually on' and every other for 'thermostat on'. I haven't tried it yet, however it is my perception that the 'thermo on' might over-trip the velocity setting, eg upping it to complete electricity. To this point i have only used the 'constantly on' terminals, which path power thru the 5 pace transfer.